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At Brie Lindstrom Studio, my mission is to create beautiful stained glass pieces that not only serve as stunning visual displays, but also evoke deep emotional connections, reflecting the individuality and emotions of our clients while providing exceptional craftsmanship and quality.



With all of the changes over the last few years, I took the time to take a deeper dive into my stained glass artwork. As I navigated the pandemic and the unexpected loss of a loved one, I have worked to better understand myself and align my time and energy with the things that truly bring me joy. It has been and continues to be both a terribly challenging and extraordinarily rewarding path. The current outcome includes a mix of sketching, stained glass, watercolors, yoga, walking, meditating, and connecting with nature. My hope with my stained glass work is for others like yourself to find your own connections within my creations! Thank you for your interest in the work I am doing!

candes, plant, home decore
drawing of a Columbine flower
stained glass suncatchers
home office space
stained glass workspace, light box, tools, stained glass
stained glass workspace, glass, soldering iron, solder fan, flux


Currently, much of my work happens in two different areas of my home. My “yoga room” has become a sanctuary for all things creative. It is a calming space with an abundance of creative tools that provides me with a place to read, write, draw, design, and imagine. The space evolves as my ideas and interests do! Two floors down, our unfinished basement provides me with the environment to cut, break, and grind glass; foil glass edges, cut came, and solder pieces together; patina, clean, and finalize projects; and laugh, cry, and swear! Both provide me with refuge from the complexities of today’s world and allow me to retreat into the moment at hand.

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