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Elevate your space with this 5 x 4 inch Stained Glass Ginkgo Biloba Suncatcher in shades of aqua and white hanging from an eight inch chain. 

- Hand-cut ginkgo leaves
- Captivating interplay of colors
- Casts enchanting reflections
- Symbolizes resilience and change
- Perfect for home decor or gifting


Included in packaging: 

-Directions for care

-Suction cup hook, ceiling hook
-Insert: The Ginkgo biloba tree, characterized by its distinctive appearance and ancient ancestry, has held spiritual and symbolic significance across diverse cultures. Among the varied interpretations, the tree's remarkable longevity and its capacity to endure through countless years, defying environmental hardships, have fostered its connection with notions of longevity, tenacity, and the power to confront adversity. Within spiritual realms, the tree's enduring presence can serve as a representation of humanity's innate ability to persist and flourish even amid life's challenges.

Ginkgo Biloba, Aqua & White

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